​​​​​​​Pet-Proof: 6 Garage Safety Tips for Dog Owners - June 2016

Your pooch may represent the perfect addition to your household and your furry best friend, but having a dog can complicate your home maintenance routines. 
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How to Turn Your Garage into a Workshop - April 2016

We’ve all dreamed of having the perfect, at-home work space for our projects. With a little planning and organization, you can turn your garage into that space. Here’s how you can convert your garage into the perfect workshop.


7 Ways to Make Your Garage Door More Energy Efficient - April 2016​

Below, you’ll find a series of tips and tricks to help your garage door reach peak energy efficiency. Use all or some of these tips to save money on power in the future.

Is Your Old Garage Door a Security Risk? - March 2016

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into securing your home. But in your preparations, did you ever stop to check your garage?

Although your garage door seems sturdy with its solid metal panels, it can be one of the most vulnerable points in your house. If you have an older garage door, opening system, or locking mechanism, your home may be vulnerable to break-ins and theft.


​​​​​​5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door - January 2016

You might not think about your garage often, but it actually does a lot for you and your family. From sheltering your car from the elements to housing a wide array of items, your garage makes your life easier. However, a garage is only as good as its garage door, and no door lasts forever. But when your old door starts to falter, how do you decide between garage door repair and replacement?


​​​​​Which Garage Door Material Is Right for You?​ - December 2015

When it’s time for a new garage door, you have several different options. You may be familiar with 
wood and steel doors. But did you know there are many other types of materials available, including 
aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic?



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